The AERA Health experience

Harnessing the latest science and technology to create bespoke health programs for you.

The AERA Method

Working together with industry leaders to develop a unique approach to your healthcare.

Step 01
Health Profile

A series of state-of-the-art assessments to determine a baseline and your overall health status.

Step 02
Personalised Health Plan

Based on your health profile, we create a personalised plan to help you achieve your unique wellness goals.

Step 03
Health Optimisation

We supply the supplements, coaching, treatments, and key recommendations to help you achieve optimal health.

AERA Health Unlock your Potential

A 360-degree approach that leverages the latest in science, technology and your data to transform the way you experience healthcare. 

Comprehensive Health Checks

A baseline of your overall health status.


Cutting-edge diagnostics to establish your personal baseline.

Health Plans

Receive a comprehensive and personalised health plan developed from your results.

& Supplements

Custom IVs and supplement plans to revitalise your health and help you reach your goals.


Cutting-edge treatments to maximise your vitality and live your best, healthiest life.


A team of experts to support you in sustainable change on your health journey.

Download your ultimate Health Hub

Log into your digital Health Hub to unlock your personalized health plan. Stay connected with your healthcare team, access exclusive content, aggregate your health data and so much more. All to support your personal health journey and drive sustainable behavior change.

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