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Welcome to the New Aera of Health -  our newly opened health space, located in the heart of Munich.  We are excited to offer the latest science-based, advanced health optimisation treatments and programs to help you achieve your health goals. Come visit us and start your journey towards a healthier, happier you!

Introducing 4P Medicine

4P medicine is a cutting-edge approach to healthcare that combines the latest advancements in medical science with a focus on personalised, preventative, predictive, participatory, and practical care. This innovative approach to medicine is centred around four key elements, including:


Your medical experts

Our Munich team will be welcoming you at our location and provide you
with solutions that enable you to benefit from the latest advances in science and technology.
Dr. med.
Dominique Sauter-Peschke

Dr. med. Dominique Sauter-Peschke is a specialist in internal medicine, her focus is on the treatment of chronic and autoimmune diseases in the field of nephrology and rheumatology.

This led her to a desire to intervene early in disease development and prevent it - which brought her to the topic of prevention, longevity and salutogenesis. She wants to improve the quality of life and prevent the development of diseases, particularly with a focus on nutrition and adapting lifestyle habits.

Prof. Dr. med.
Philip Schöttle

Prof. Dr. med. Philip Schoettle is a specialist in orthopaedics, stem cell therapy as well as regenerative and longevity medicine.

Prof. Schoettle has developed innovative techniques for the extraction and use of stem cells from a patient’s own body to promote healing and regeneration of damaged tissue.
In addition to stem cells, Prof. Schoettle has also researched the use of growth factors and other biotechnologies to enhance the potential of regenerative medicine in the treatment of different pathologies in the body related to ageing or degeneration.

Dr. med.
Matthias König

Dr. med. Matthias König is a specialist in orthopaedics, traumatology, manual  and integrative medicine.

By focusing on spinal diseases and chronic back pain, he developed an interest and desire to also understand the connection between internal diseases and chronic pain. Since most of the diseases he treats on the highest level possible, can be prevented or reduced by an adapted lifestyle, his interest became more and more to intervene early and brought him into the field of longevity.

Health checks

Our programs begin with accessing your wellness baseline and health risks by using blood testing, body scans and specially developed AERA 360 approach. We work together with you to map out your personal goals and construct a personalised health optimisation program for you. 


Health Packages

Tailored Health testing provides a comprehensive approach to preventive and personalised care. By detecting and addressing health risks early on, these tests can improve overall health and wellbeing, promoting a better quality of life.

Female Health
Men's Health
Stress Management

Advanced diagnostics

We are utilising cutting edge diagnostics and innovative technologies to conduct a comprehensive assessment of an individual's baseline health, allowing for a deep dive into their current physical state and enabling targeted interventions to promote longevity and optimal health.

Biomarker Analysis
Gut Health
Innovative Risk Profile
Genetic Profile

IV Therapy & Supplements

Medical grade therapies are combined with cutting edge technologies to help you elevate the state of your health.

IV Therapy
Personalised IV
Tailored Supplements

High-tech Treatments

Our premium facilities have a wide variety of world class treatments available to take your healthcare experience to the next level.

Cell Treatments
Skin & Body

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