Unlocking the
human potential

We  transform the way our clients experience healthcare. From our premium locations to our individual treatments - every modality is selected for your unique health optimisation, performance and recovery.

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A new AERA of medicine


Be in the driver’s seat of your health journey.


We provide proactive rather than reactive solutions thanks to early diagnostics


We use biomarkers to anticipate your healthcare needs before they become risk factors


Get healthcare solutions curated to suit your genetics and your lifestyle

The problem with current healthcare


of Germans live with a chronic disease


is the amount of time doctors have to treat you


the amount of healthcare spend dedicated to prevention


cost attributable to stress globally

The AERA method

We have worked with industry leaders to develop our unique approach
to healthcare.

It starts with measuring and understanding. Obtaining a detailed view of your health to develop a personalised plan.


We create a personalised healthcare plan. We then execute this plan by tapping into our world-class premium treatements and services.


Throughout the process we are constantly monitoring your health for changes and optimise accordingly, constantly elevating your experience.

Start your journey today

A personal health
concierge service

Optimise your true health potential with bespoke treatment plans tailored to your lifestyle and exact needs, delivered wherever you are and administered within the comfort of your home.

Cutting-edge diagnostics & treatments

Our state-of-the-art facilities have everything you need to unlock your genetic potential under one roof. From hyperbaric chambers to DNA testing, it’s all here for you.

360° Core Package

Our flagship product includes a complete check-up, advanced testing and an individualised health programme.


Our premium space allows members to take full advantage of all our regenerative therapies in a high-end, comfortable and social environment.
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Munich Location; Theatinerstraße 40-42, 80333 München, Germany
Frankfurt; At airport Club
Berlin, TBD
Zurich, TBD
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